Jan 02, 2019

Good governance instead of politics won’t do - Ravi

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development - Ravi Karunanayake said that the institutions under his purview are recording losses due to wrong decisions being taken.

He said that although sometimes decisions are being taken based on professional grounds, failure to take straightforward political decisions has contributed to this situation.

The minister said this during the ceremony held to mark the new year. Ministry Secretary B.M.S. Batagoda and several other officials participated.

Minister Karunanayake addressing the gathering said, “The age long practice has been to burden the consumer by increasing the electricity charges and never has the charges been reduced. If it is pledged to reduce the electricity charges based on political whims, then it invariably becomes a joke. Therefore, we need to look at other avenues in order to reduce the electricity charges.

If concessions are to be made, it means someone else has to pay for it. Politicians simply promise to reduce prices once they come into office, but that means someone else has to pay for it. Therefore, my aim is to increase productivity and generate profits and pave the way to give these gains to the people.

I pledge with responsibility to carry on the activities in this trade without burdening the people. What we intend is to operate without pressurizing the 7 million consumers. As the minister in charge, I assure you we will fight to provide concessions to the people by turning this institution around. No one need to fear, we will dispel these fears in time.

This is an institution that has a lot of external pressure. Where there are capable people, there will always be a label of corruption, but we must face these challenges. If we work together we can overcome these challenges. Things break only at the hands of those who work. Therefore, we need not fear to take bold decisions. If not we would not become a productive institution.

I admit that we failed to serve the UNP supporters during the past years, but we intend to correct our mistakes in the future. Our mistake was that when others were engaged in politics, we tried to engage in good governance,” Minister Ravi Karunanayake said.

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