Jan 02, 2019

Chairperson complains to IGP over state of impunity at ITN Featured

Chairperson of state-run ITN J.M. Thilaka Jayasundera yesterday (01) complained to police chief Pujith Jayasundara in writing with regard to the prevailing state of impunity in the institution.

In her letter, she says a group of around 50 employees have brought the institution to a virtual standstill and that the institution is now faced with a serious loss of business.

The ITN chairperson requests the IGP to carry out an expedient investigation to safeguard the institution, its employees, business and the property.

The letter is as follows:

1st of January 2019
Mr. Pujith Jayasundara
IGP, Inspector General of Police,
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


Dear Sir,

Since I assumed duty as the Chairperson of the ITN (The Independent Television Network) on 27th December 2018, I have been forcibly prevented from functioning in my office by a group of employees instigated and controlled by a group of thirteen employees who have been interdicted for misconduct.

They have also obstructed and by using physical force, chased out the CEO, DGM(News), DGM (Finance), DGM (Marketing), DGM (Program), Manager, (Political and Currant Affairs) who have been legally appointed to such positions.

In addition to such illegal conduct they have resorted to continue a complete state of disorder and lawlessness within the premises of the institute by engaging in various criminal activities such as intimidating employees, obstructing the smooth functioning of the institute by criminally preventing the administrative and executive functioning of the institute intimidating the top management and myself, the chairperson thereby acting to the detriment of the institute and its employees.

The criminal activities they have engaged in includes intimidation by threatening to assault the other employees who refuse to participate in protests, preventing and wrongful restrain of the clients and employees from entering into the premises and leaving the same, threatening to forcibly enter into the Main Control Room (MCR) and completely dismantle the institute.

Owing to the prevailing state of lawlessness, disorder and violence instigated and perpetrated by the said group of employees who comprise of just approximately 50 employees out of 780 employees the whole institute has faced the threat of a virtual standstill and continue to lose its revenue due to our competitors taking undue advantage from this state of disorder.

This institute being a state owned self-funded institute is now faced with a serious loss of business due to our clients being prevented from entering the premises and also due to the top management being criminally and forcibly prevented from functioning in their office. This state of impunity within a state owned institute by a group of violent mob is a series of criminal activities against the state and warrant expedient action from the law enforcement authorities

So far complaints have been lodged by Mr. Chandana Thilakarathne (CEO), Mr. Aruna Wijesinghe (GM) and Mr. Subhash Jayawardene (DGM News) for criminal intimidation, wrongful restrain and forcibly chasing them out from the institute premises using criminal physical force and preventing them from entering the same, the said complaints are being investigated into by Thalangama Police.

In these circumstances an expedient investigation is necessary to safeguard this state institution its employees business and the property and by this written complaint I request you to conduct proper investigation and enforce law and order within this institution.

J.M. Thilaka Jayasundera,

copies 1. Secretary Ministry of defense
2. DIG Western Province South
3. SSP Nugegoda Division