Jan 02, 2019

Stock of weapons dumped into sea

A large stock of weapons that were court productions of the Galle High Court in cases that had been completed, had been taken far out to sea and destroyed.

Among these weapons were swords, Rambo knives, daggers, T56 rifles, ammunition, guns, pistols, revolvers, hand grenades, explosives, machetes and other sharp objects.

On the directives of High Court Judges Wasantha Jinadasa and Manjula Tillakaratne, the stock of weapons were handed over to the Galle Naval base under tight security and handed over. The Navy had taken the stock of weapons in a Dora vessel and submerged and destroyed it far out at sea.

However, environmentalists warn that such dumping of weapons poses a great threat to marine life, especially explosives and sharp objects.

When we asked a senior lawyer why these weapons cannot be used for scrap metal instead of being dumped at sea, he said that the laws that prevailed during the colonial period has not changed and such disposals are carried out according to those laws.