Jan 02, 2019

‘Operation to destroy fourth government’ – SLFP Gen. Sec.

The current Prime Minister who talks so much about democracy has commenced an operation to destroy the fourth force of the country, the media, said the SLFP General Secretary Prof. Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa.

He said this in response to media queries during a workshop to educate the Gampaha media circle organised by the Kelaniya University Media and Communication Unit.

“The current Prime Minister who talks so much about democracy has now started categorising the media which is the country’s fourth force. No one should categorise the media as black or white media.
No matter how much the current President is ridiculed through various cartoons, he has never tried to control the media.
Coming from a media background, the current Prime Minister’s remarks are degrading the media.
During his regime in the 80’s around 26 media personnel were killed or disappeared. They represented all ethnic denominations and included provincial correspondents and journalists attached to media institutions in the capital. We still remember these attrocities.

I suspect that such a dark period would re-emerge by this labelling of media.

The media is a democratic country’s main active institution and by the threats to media by those claiming to uphold democracy, we can be clear of their party’s path.”