Jan 01, 2019

Herd of 23 cows killed by train collision (phics) Featured

A herd of cows had collided with the Colombo-Jaffna train last evening (31) and died, according to residents of Murukkandy, Killinochchi.

The herd of 23 cows had been agitated and had been knocked down by the train.

 The residents claim that the herd of cows that were killed in the collision belonged to a person living in the Killinochchi, Skandapuram area, while several other cows were injured in the collision.

The residents said that the herd of cows that had suddenly been agitated, had run onto the rail tracks and the train drivers were unable to stop the train and avoid the crash.

 Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya-Vavuniya Corr.