Jan 02, 2017

Criminal Justice Commissions to be set up to punish financial fraudsters

The Government is to introduce new legislation to punish big time financial fraudsters and confiscate their assets by conducting trials against them at new Criminal Justice Commissions (CJCs) to be set up this year.

A necessary Bill providing provision to set up these commissions will be presented in parliament soon by Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama.

The establishment of Criminal Justice Commissions (CJCs) to punish those responsible for “frauds, corruption and misuse of funds will be empowered to recover the money misappropriated by those big fraudsters, he said adding that the draft bill for this purpose would be presented in parliament in early this month.

CJC is to be empowered to inquire and determine whether any person is guilty of such offences and to deal with the persons so found guilty or not guilty in the manner prescribed by this Act.

The CJC shall make a finding that the alleged fraudster is guilty of such offence and shall sentence him to any punishment, other than death, to which he might have been sentenced if he had been tried and convicted by the Supreme Court.

Moreover, these commissions will have the power to cause the arrest of any person whose custody was necessary during the pendency of the inquiry.