Jan 02, 2017

‘Is his idea to impeach the president?’ Salley asks Featured

National Unity Alliance leader Azath Salley is wondering if the former president has remarked that the present regime would be toppled in 2017 with an idea of moving an impeachment against the incumbent in mind.

Salley has told BBC Sandeshaya that Mahinda Rajapaksa was planning to gain power by impeaching the president, when the prime minister becomes the president and then a new prime minister has to be appointed.

Questioning as to whether that is their game, he also wanted to know if the intention of not arresting the various accused was aimed at this eventuality.

The NUA leader alleged the UNP was having a ‘deal’ with the ex-president.

Salley is ashamed

He said he was ashamed to have been a party to bringing the present government to power.

Salley said he had to lodge a complaint with Geneva as he was not given justice despite his discussions with the country’s rulers.

He questioned if any reconciliation has been achieved in the past 23 months, noting that had reconciliation existed, Mahinda Rajapaksa would not have made such a remark.

The NUA leader said that their promises of independent commissions and the police would do their duty independently have come to nothing, adding that he was so ashamed that he should hit himself with a slipper.

He said that everybody’s hopes for a peaceful country after 08 January 2015 have been dashed.

Salley said that when compared to 476 complaints he had against the Rajapaksa regime, there were 223 complaints against the present government.

But, no action has been taken with regard to these complaints and there is no mechanism for the safety of the Muslim community, he charged.

He said he had no answer to give when people questioned him about what the government was doing to them.

When asked if Muslim extremism was existing in Sri Lanka, Salley noted that the government as well as the former defence secretary have refuted the claim.

He noted that during the war, many Sinhalese had been behind bars for having aided and abetted the LTTE for money, by way of selling petrol and transporting suicide lorries.