Dec 17, 2018

Change in sea- Tsunami fear (pics)

The sea level in Mulaithivu had risen and sea water had reached up to the fishing huts yesterday (16) forcing the fishermen in Mulaithivu to evacuate.

The fishermen claim that the sea water level had risen rapidly and reached the area of their huts which is a fair distance away from the sea.

There had been a significant change observed in the sea area from Mulaithivu to Nayaru yesterday (16) and the fishing folk had refrained from venturing out to sea. The Nayaru fishermen said that they had taken their boats away from the beach area and moved out of their fishing huts as well fearing the possibility of a Tsunami.

The waves had risen significantly from Mulaithivu to Nayaru and the fishing community is facing sivere economic difficulty due to this situation.

 When contacted, the security forces said that there had been a significant rise in the sea level and the waves had got stronger and even the residents living close to the lagoon had also complained of flooding in certain areas, which has caused fear among the fisher fold.

 Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya- Vavuniya Corr.