Dec 29, 2016

Chinese company removes workers from project Featured

The Chinese company involved in the building of Kaluganga reservoir parallel to the Moragahakanda reservoir says the labourers it had removed from service had been recruited on casual basis.

Its incumbent manager, identified as Shi, says the removed labourers had worked in one phase of the project, which had been suspended due to the commencement of rains.

However, at the government request, they had been paid an additional one month salary, he says.

Once this phase of the project resumes in January after the rains stop, these labourers as well as additional labourers will have jobs, according to him.

Under this project, a dam will be built across Kalu Ganga, a tributary of Amban Ganga, at Laggala.

Project completion expedited

According to reports reaching us, the project was due to be completed in December 2018, but the Chinese constructor has expedited the work and plans to finish by December 2017.

As part of this plan, its former Chinese manager and several Chinese workers have returned to their country.

Around 150 local labourers who lost their jobs staged a protest yesterday (28), and the police arrived on the location and dispersed them.

The labourers said the Chinese company officials told them when the reported for duty that they needed not do so as the construction has been suspended.

Around 600 had worked at the site and all were removed in groups in the last few days, and the vehicles used parked at one location.

They also say they would lose the EPF contributions they have paid, while Chinese nationals will be brought to complete the remaining work.

Moragahakanda and Kalu Ganga reservoir project manager R.B. Tennakoon said no workers had been removed, but that the contractor company has changed it management.

Given below are pictures of the protest yesterday: