Dec 05, 2018

Suspicions over oil spill in Castlereigh (pics)

A group of officers from the Central Environmental Authority engaged in an inspection tour of the Castlereigh reservoir yesterday (04) to investigate the flow of oil that has been streaming into the reservoir over the past few days and the layer of oil that has been deposited in the reservoir.

They had discussed with the Castlereigh security officers and had inspected the main tributaries to the reservoir, the Keselgamu-Oya and Dik-oya and had ruled out the possibility that the oil had flown to the Castle reservoir through these channels.

They suspect that the oil had been put into the reservoir from the surrounding areas. Hence, the Central Environmental officials had taken measures to test the samples of deposited oil.

After the Castlereigh water is used for hydro power generation, it is released into the Kelani river.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksha- Hatton Corr.








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