Dec 01, 2018

Town planning bosses plan foreign tours with funds allocated for workers

A group of bosses from the Town Planning and Aquatic Resources Ministry are planning a week-long trip to Thailand on December 03, with funds allocated for overseas training for workers, it is reported.

They are workers attached to the Kandy Municipal Council and Water Resources Board attached to the Kandy town waste water project.

Under Jaica funds, 22 billion had been spent on the construction of a network of pipelines for the waste water removal in the Kandy town and 22 workers from the Kandy Municipality and 20 workers from the Water Resources Board attached to this project were scheduled to be sent to Malaysia for training.

However, instead of these workers the Town Planning and Water Resources Ministry had selected 12 persons who are about to retire and made plans to send them to Thailand for a week-long tour.

When we inquired from the Kandy Municipality Commissioner Chandana Senaratne, he said that the relevant foreign training programme had been temporarily suspended. However, when contacted, the Town Planning and Water Resources Ministry Secretary V. Hapuarachchi said he would immediately look into this matter and take required action.