Nov 30, 2018

UNF to demonstrate its majority today too Featured

The UNF says it will demonstrate its majority in parliament today (30) as well, by adopting the proposal to suspend votes of the Rajapaksa regime’s ministers.

The proposal which says the ministry secretaries have no powers to approve expenditures for the ministers and their personal staffs will be debated when the House meets at 10.30 am.

The UNF points out that the speaker has officially announced the dissolving of the cabinet and that a no-confidence motion against the government has been passed.

A proposal to suspend the votes of the prime minister was passed by a vote of 123-0 yesterday.

Sajith 670px 27 10 18Ranil Wickremesinghe is the legitimate prime minister - Sajith PremadasaLater in the day, MP Sajith Premadasa told the media at the parliamentary complex that the government did not have the support of at least 85 MPs.

Ranil wickremesinghe is the legitimate PM of the country, he added.

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