Nov 26, 2018

BASL President ready to apologise

The BASL President Presidents Counsel U.R. de Silva has appealed for an unconditional pardon for having conducted a press briefing and expressing his views without the approval of the Executive Committee of the BASL, it is reported. 

It is also reported that a general meeting of the BASL has been convened having notified all its 20,000 members to discuss this issue.

The meeting was held at the Colombo Aluthkade BASL Auditorium between the Executive Committee and several other members and the meeting is said to have been quite intense, according to internal sources.

Several of the members had criticised the actions of its President for having called a press briefing and tried to justify the actions taken by the President to sack the Prime Minister and dissolve parliament which they pointed out is against the BASL constitution. Therefore, they had made a request to the BASL Secretary Kaushalya Nanayakkara to call a general meeting in this regard.