Nov 22, 2018

Students at risk with schools lacking sanitary facilities

Among the schools in Sri Lanka, 25.1% do not have proper toilet facilities and 0.7% have no toilet facilities at all, revealed the Health Promotion Bureau.

This was revealed in a survey conducted by the Family Health Bureau recently. They pointed out that as a result of inadequate toilet facilities in some of the schools, there is a higher prevalence of diarrhoea and other illnesses spreading, while it is a timely requirement to provide these schools with toilet facilities.

According to the reports of the Contagious Diseases Unit, in 2017 there were 2182 persons who were affected by dysentery and 433 who suffered from fever.

The United Nations Organisation has declared November 19 as the World Toilet Day, while the world is obligated to provide proper toilet facilities to all under sustainable development measures. According to this organisation, 4.5 billion worldwide lack proper sanitary facilities while 892 million do not have any toilet facilities at all.