Oct 16, 2018

Airman killed in accident

A defender jeep travelling from Puttalam to Anuradhapura carrying a group of Air Force soldiers, including an officer, had met with an accident last evening (15) at the Saliyawewa 17th mile post area killing one airman and critically injuring another five, according to the Saliyawewa Police.

The jeep involved in the accident had been travelling towards Anuradhapura from the Katunaike Camp and belongs to the Anuradhapura Air Force camp, investigations revealed.

The airman who was killed in the accident is said to have been driving the jeep and has been identified as 28-year-old S.L.B. Nuwan Pradeep Ranasinghe. The Saliyawewa Traffic Police said that the jeep had been driven at high speed and the driver had lost control of the vehicle causing the crash.

The jeep that was travelling at high speed had tried to overtake a motorcyclist when it had spun out of control and toppled several times prior to stopping.

The airman who was killed in the accident is a resident of the Kumbukgahawewa, Thalawa area. The other injured airmen had been admitted to hospital while one was transferred to the Colombo National hospital, two to the Puttalam Hospitaland another to the Anuradhapura hospital.

The Saliyawewa Police is conducting further investigations.

Pics by Jude Samantha and Priyankara Kalupahana – Puttalam Corr.