Oct 11, 2018

Minister hands over busses bought by Hatton depot (Pics)

Five high-tech Leyland busses purchased by the Hatton SLTB Depot had been officially handed over to the Hatton Depot by Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva yesterday (10) at the SLTB Headquarters in Narahenpita.

These new busses are equipped with GPS technology and has been manufactured according to new technology which is environmentally friendly.

These busses were purchased at a cost of Rs. 26,250,000 with funds earned by the Hatton SLTB depot.

According to the Hatton Depot General Manager Anura Dodamtenna, these busses would be deployed for transport from Hatton, through Podais to Dayagama, Hatton Olton Samimale, Thalawakele Rahanwatte, Madakumbura and Kalaweldeniya areas.

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva commended the Hatton Depot as an exemplary institution and others should also not wait until money is given by the Treasury.

The Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry Secretary G.S. Vidhanage, SLTB Chairman Ramal Siriwardena and Hatton Depot officials participated in this event.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksa – Hatton Corr.




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