Oct 08, 2018

Court decides that Ravi can't be made a suspect

Based on investigations commenced by the CID and charges that he gave false evidence before the Treasury Bond Commission, the Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake issued an order that at this point it is illegal to name MP Ravi Karunanayake as a suspect in this case.

The Magistrate noted that although the CID had reported the facts to the courts, a court case had not been filed so far under the Sri Lanka Penal Code with regard to this incident.

Therefore, the Magistrate said that the action taken by the CID to name Karunanayake as a suspect at this point was illegal.

Interim order removed!

However, Global Transportation and Logistics Company had earlier made a request from court through their lawyers to remove certain orders pertaining to these investigations. The Magistrate, Ranga Dissanayake delivering his verdict said the issuing of orders was done in a legal manner.

The Chief Magistrate noted that the interim order issued by him earlier temporarily suspending the implementation of these previous orders, would be lifted and the ordered the CID to implement the orders issued by him on September 14 accordingly.

The case is scheduled to be called on October 22 and the Magistrate ordered the CID to report the progress of the investigation to court on that date.