Oct 08, 2018

Baby elephant falls into well and escapes (Pics)

The Vavuniya wildlife rangers were able to rescue a baby elephant of around four months who had fallen into a well in the Vavuniya, Bogaswewa, Namalgama area yesterday (07).

The baby elephant had crept through the electric fence erected around the Namalgama village and the villagers had tried to catch the baby elephant.

Despite the efforts of the villagers, the elephant had escaped into the jungle and at night, it had fallen into the well.

The villagers had notified the Vavuniya wildlife officers of the incident and they had arrived and using a backhoe, had rescued the elephant.

The wildlife officers had expedited the rescue as there was a crocodile in the well and they were worried that it could harm the baby elephant.

The rescued baby elephant is being treated at the Vavuniya veterinarian office by Veterinarian B. Giridaran. The wildlife officers said that the baby elephant is recovering well and is in good health.

The wildlife rangers claim that the baby elephant had been with its mother when it crept through the electric fence and they would make an effort to find its mother and reunite the baby elephant with its mother. However, if they are unable to locate its mother, the baby elephant would be sent to a safe sanctuary.

The Bogaswewa police officers and villagers had assisted in rescuing this baby elephant.

 Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya – Vavuniya Corr.