Dec 22, 2016

Chief ministers oppose ‘super minister’! Featured

Chief ministers of seven provincial councils ruled by the UPFA have decided to oppose, if submitted for their approval, a proposal to create a super cabinet minister position.

Western province CM Isura Devapriya said they would raise the matter with the CMs of the northern and eastern provinces too, and seek their support against the proposal.

At a media briefing at his office yesterday (21), Devapriya said certain powers vested in PCs as per the 13th amendment to the constitution would be taken over by the proposed super minister.

He said that even if their opposition came to nothing, the government would not be able to obtain a two-third parliamentary majority for the proposal due to opposition by ministers and MPs of the UPFA.

Meanwhile, prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said on December 22 that the proposed development (special provisions) act, under which the super minister position would be created, would bring about accelerated development to the country.

The government does not need to keep powers of the provincial councils, but this Act will be implemented with the support of the PCs, he went onto say.

The aims of the government are to bring about political stability within the first year in office, control the debt burden in the second and to achieve development in the next few years, said the PM.

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