Sep 27, 2018

Farmers who cultivated illegally in Somawathiya, removed! (pics)

The judicial officers had taken measures to remove farmers who were engaged in illegally cultivating on lands in the Weragodayaya area within the Somawathi National Park yesterday (26), based on a court order.

Cases were filed in the Polonnaruwa courts against 219 farmers who were engaged in cultivations illegally in the Weragodayaya area within the Samawathi national park. Upon investigations conducted, the court ordered 52 of these illegal farmers to be ousted from the national park. Accordingly, 12 of these farms were ordered to be destroyed completely and a court order was issued banning these farmers from entering the area.

However, a group of these farmers had gathered and acted in a violent manner claiming that their farmlands which they had cultivated for generations were being destroyed, but the Pulasthipura Police had brought down a court officer and once they were shown the court orders, the protestors had dispersed.

Pics by W.A. Piyatillake – Hingurakgoda Corr.