Dec 19, 2016

JO wants probe into Ravi’s currency note allegation Featured

Describing as very serious the statement by finance minister Ravi Karunanayake that Rs. 13 billion had been released secretly by the Central Bank two days before the presidential election, the joint opposition has asked the president to obtain a report on the allegation within a week from the CID.

Speaking to the media in Colombo yesterday (18) JO MP Bandula Gunawardena said this was required in order to establish trust in the currency notes in circulation.

If not, the public will have a grave suspicion about the Rs. 5,000 currency notes, he said, and asked as to why no legal action has been taken so far.

The CID and the CB could investigate and if the allegation is true, action should be taken against the responsible officials, said Gunawardena.

He went onto say that when the CB releases currency notes, it makes records, and the money is transported in large trunk boxes, and at least seven lorries are required to transport Rs. 13 billion.

If so, the drivers and assistants of the lorries, those who loaded the trunk boxes and other CB officials would have been involved, he added.

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