Aug 29, 2018

Maltreated elephants will be sent to the zoo! Featured

Wildlife minister Sarath Fonseka says elephants being kept in temples and Devales will be sent to zoological gardens if they are maltreated.

An elephant, Kalana, and a tusker of Vishnu Devale in Devinuwara will be given to the custody of the Dehiwela Zoo or the elephant orphanage at Pinnawala following complaints of abuse.

Legal action will be taken against the owner of Kalana, who has been injured in a chained leg, the minister said, adding the owner had failed to abide by instructions given him by wildlife officers who examined the elephant.

Given bail

Following a complaint to Gandara police, the secretary to the Nilame of the Devale and the mahout were arrested yesterday (28).

Later, they were released on Rs. 200,000 bail each by the Matara magistrate.

The court ordered the zoological department to report about the health of the elephant before September 11.

Gifted by president Premadasa

Documents, including health reports, relating to Kalana, who was gifted by the then president Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1989, have gone missing.

As a result, the elephant has not been given proper treatment yet.

President Premadasa had gifted a 25-acre coconut plantation from Radampola in return for keeping Kalana.

Now, there are problems with regard to the revenue earned from the coconut plantation too.