Aug 14, 2018

Chandrika ousts journalists from meeting (Video)

The Attanagalla District coordinating committee meeting was held yesterday at the District Secretariat Auditorium yesterday (13). However due to the uproar created when the committee Co-Chairperson former President Chandrika Bandaranaike asked the media to leave, the meeting had to be postponed until September 14.

A few minutes after the meeting commenced, the  former President had asked why the media was present as there was no vote being taken. The media had then said that there were there on the written invitation of the District Secretary S.P. Gunawardena and said that if he says they would leave. But Gunawardena had said that the media should be allowed to report on matters concerning the public.

However, former President Bandaranaike had said that if the media did not leave she would walk out, adding that the media should be invited by the Media Ministry.

Accusing the media of being biased in their reporting Co-Chairman Provincial Councilor Chandrasoma Saranalal had also asked the media to leave.

Meanwhile, the Attanagalla Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Priyantyha Pushpakumara (SLPP) had said that the media was needed, adding that there are several others who were present without an invitation. Then Mrs. Bandaranaike had asked such persons to stand up and a group of persons including the former President’s Coordinating Secretary Justin Nawaratne had stood up and left the room.

Later Co-Chairman Saranalal had proposed that the meeting be postponed for September 14.