Aug 13, 2018

Air force officer assaults Swedish couple

A Swedish couple had been assaulted and their children threatened and their vehicle had been attacked and damaged by a Air Force officer attached to the Katunayake SLAF base, the Swedish couple said convening a press briefing at their resident in Eththukal in Chilaw yesterday (12).

The 51-year-old Swedish national Per Biuralin a quality control engineer said his wife is a Sri Lankan who is now residing in Stockholm, Sweden with their two children.

This family had arrived in Sri Lanka on a two month holiday and is currently engaged in constructing a housing project for foreigners in the Eththukal area in Negombo.

 “We had stopped our vehicle by the road on July 30 near our housing project on the concreted road which we spent Rs. 7 lakhs to construct. An Airforce officer attached to the Katunayake camp residing in the same area came with two other women and created a rumpus for parking our vehicle on the road.

He then took a pole and attacked our vehicle and attacked my wife and even raised her and slammed her on the ground causing her to bleed. He attacked her in the stomach area and in the midst of the fight, her chain broke and it was lost. My wife and I both sustained injuries due to being attacked by this officer and we had to be warded at the Negombo hospital in ward 07 and 08 for four days.

 Our children are traumatized and shocked at this incident and they refuse to come out of their rooms. They are forcing us to go back to Sweden. We complained about this incident to the Kochchikade, Negombo and Colombo police and even complained personally to the Police IG’s personal phone number.

 However, despite all that there is still not investigation regarding this matter and neither has the AF officer been arrested. Therefore, we urge the President to take action regarding this incident and ensure that justice is served,” he said.