Sep 15, 2022

'Kukul Sarath' controls egg prices! Featured

The price of eggs in the country is controlled by a businessman named 'Kukul Sarath', who supplies about 30% of the egg production, an investigation by 'Sri Lanka Mirror' revealed.

It was reported that Sarath provided luxury vehicles and funds for election campaigns of selected candidates in the parliamentary elections and then influenced these candidates to gain unscrupulous profits once they were elected.

It was also reported that he has influenced former ministers as well as current ministers for this purpose.

During a recent discussion held between the egg producers and the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA), it was revealed that the egg producers, who contribute about 70% of the production, would receive death threats from Sarath if they reduce egg prices.

A phone recording of a threat made by him to one of the egg producers had also been played at the meeting.

Amaraweera lashes out at officials for controlling egg prices

However, Aruna newspaper reported that Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has lashed out at the CAA officials accusing them of attempting to destroy the poultry industry by imposing a control price on eggs.

The news further said:

"The Minister held a discussion with the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Production and Health, the CAA on the issues faced by the poultry producers.

The poultry producers have said during the discussion that although they have received orders in large numbers for chicken from many countries including the Maldives, they have not been able to accept the orders due to the collapse of the poultry industry. As a result, the country has lost the opportunity to earn US Dollars for 45 days.

When Minister Amaraweera asked the CAA officials about the method used to introduce a controlled price for eggs, the officials said they were not aware of such a method.

When asked whether the Department of Animal Production and Health and those involved in the poultry industry were consulted when controlling the price, the CAA officials said it was not discussed with them.

The officials of the Animal Production and Health Department said the production cost of an egg is Rs.52 due to the increase in animal feed prices.

Meanwhile, "Sri Lanka Mirror" was able to reveal that Sri Lanka received a meager amount of US Dollars from exporting eggs or chicken in the past and the amount spent on importing chicken feed was 10 times the revenue collected from poultry exports.

A kilo of chicken increased by Rs.50!

The trade associations of chicken sellers announced that the retail price of one kilogram of chicken will be increased by Rs.50 from yesterday (14).

Accordingly, the new price of a kilo of chicken is Rs.1,450.

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